License Pricing and Limits

iVend Retail has a pricing structure that runs on a matrix with certain limitations.  Below you can see the different licensing categories that are available. The licenses were broken up to only three parts to make it easy to understand and to ease the process of expansion.

Billed Annually - R 2 868.00

iVend POS, iVend Mobile POS & iVend Back Office Licenses
  • iVend POS Licenses are for the point of sales devices. This device can be used for the Back Office as well.

  • iVend Mobile POS licenses are for mobile point of sales devices. The mobile device cannot be used for the back office.

  • iVend Back Office Licenses: Each Store License includes a Free Back Office License. Extra Back Office Licenses can be added to ensure more than one person has access to the Master Data

iVend Store Licenses are required for each store that is added over and above one store. A one store operation won't need to buy a store license. A two store operation will need to purchase 2 Store Licenses.

Billed Annually - R 2 868.00

Sage One Integration License

Each store will have it's own Sage One Integration License. If you have 3 stores, you will need to purchase 3 Sage One Integration Licenses.

Billed Annually - R 1 920.00

iVend Store Licenses

- This offer is only available to Sage One and iVend Retail Integration Customers.

- This offer excludes the Sage One accounting fees. A Sage One account is mandatory for this offer. If you do not have a Sage One account yet, proceed to the Sage One page to register your account.

- Limitations to the number of stores and point of sales:

Maximum of 20 Point of Sales Tills (Any combination of POS Tills, Mobile Devices and Management Console Licenses)

Maximum of 10 Store Licenses

- This offer is on an annual payment option ONLY.

- A debit order collection fee of R 20.00 will be charged for each transaction.

- All prices excludes VAT.

- Any orders over and above the limitation will be billed at the normal iVend Retail pricing structure 




Deployment Layout

iVend Retail Layout