iVend Retail


iVend Retail

With the full functionality of iVend Retail at a fraction of the cost, smaller companies can now take advantage of the power of the software that is used by retail giants.


The integration to Sage One makes this the perfect point of sale and accounting system for anyone with less than 20 point of sales and 10 branches

The Birth of a Legendary Product

WLM Software has seen a gap in the market for a solid Point of Service product for the smaller retail market. The start-up company is always between a rock and a hard place in terms of the software they need to implement in their retail environment. The cost versus the functionality is a tough decision to make so we decided to fill the gap with the iVend Retail Sage One package.

The combination of an accounting system and a state of the art point of sales system is all that is needed for any small to medium retail company.

Although very well priced, the functionality is the same as for a multinational store with hundreds of branches and with built-in capabilities like loyalty programes, this package creates value and will increase your bottom line.


We have brought the two giants together to bring you an affordable, yet powerful system.

Why combine these brilliant software together?
Sage One Integration

iVend Retail from CitiXsys Technologies is a Point of Service software focused on the retail sector. With the demand for a stable retail system with a price that suits smaller to medium retailers, iVend Retail in South Africa and Africa has focused on this market.

iVend Retail comprises of 7 modules that ensure that small to medium companies can get started with what is really needed now but can still expand effortlessly with time.

The 7 modules in the iVend Retail system is: Enterprise, POS, Mobile POS, e-Commerce, Passes, Loyalty and Analytics. For more information, please visit our iVend Retail page. 

Sage One Accounting is a lightweight accounting system that is perfect for the small to medium size company that do not need the capabilities of expensive systems used by the the major chain stores.

It is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Automation through once off rule setup eliminates the time consuming activities of data input on a daily basis.

Complete integration with iVend Retail means that you don't have to do any double entries and waste time on allocating payments to accounts.

For your financial year end and monthly accounting needs, your accountant can log in to the system and do what they do best without you being actively involved. 



The iVend Retail Sage One Package pricing was designed with growth in mind. All companies that grow will eventually need to grow their infrastructure as well.

Below you can see the different licensing categories that are available. The licenses were broken up to only three parts to make it easy to understand and to ease the process of expansion.

Pricing will be billed annually only.

iVend POS/Mobile POS & Back Office License
  • iVend POS Licenses are for the point of sales devices. This device can be used for the Back Office as well.

  • iVend Mobile POS licenses are for mobile point of sales devices. The mobile device cannot be used for the back office.

  • iVend Back Office Licenses: Each Store License includes a Free Back Office License. Extra Back Office Licenses can be added to ensure more than one person has access to the Master Data

Billed Annually R 2 868.00

Sage One Integration License
  • Each store will have it's own Sage One Integration License. If you have 3 stores, you will need to purchase 3 Sage One Integration Licenses.

iVend Store License
  • iVend Store Licenses are required for each store that is added over and above one store. A one store operation will not need to buy a store license. A 2 store operation will need to purchase 2 Store Licenses.

Billed Annually R 2 868.00

Billed Annually R 1 920.00

Product Documentation & Support

If you don't have the iVend Retail Sage One Start-up Guide yet, please download it from below. This Guide will give you all the information on what to do from here, how to download, install and setup your system.

The rest of the documents are referred to within the Start-up Guide and you can come back to download them as and when needed.